FRINGE RECAP 15 Season 3: Episode 17 “Stowaway”

Posted: 03/24/2011 in FRINGE RECAPS


Season 3: Episode 17 “Stowaway”

“Suppose we’ve chosen the wrong god. Every time we go to church we’re just making him madder and madder.”

Finally I feel I like I have some good FRINGE theories, as this episode had a lot to say. However, though I thought it was a good episode, the numerous religious overtones were worrisome in a show where almost everything is explained by fringe science.

The stuff I really liked? I thought it was awesome to see Lincoln Lee from our side, as I had a feeling he would be popping up at some point this season, and I’m hoping this is the beginning of his integration onto our Fringe team. I also liked the subtle comic book allusion I found. The woman in this episode is named “Dana Grey.” I think this is an allusion to the infamous “Jean Grey” from the X-Men comics, who has famously died several times, always being brought back to life by the writers. Layers within layers, this is the stuff I love about FRINGE.


As my roommate pointed out, why would anyone ever drink tea with Bell again after he revealed that he tricked Olivia into drinking the soul magnets in her tea? I was slightly worried at the end of this episode that Bell was trying to trick Peter into accepting his consciousness, which I still think is a possibility (of course, he never would have told Walter this). Think of it, Bell knows Peter is the key to the machine, and we still don’t know what exactly Bell’s motivations or loyalties are. It could very well be that Peter only enters the machine because he is not in control of his own body, that Bell is driving him to activate the machine, which would explain why it still happens despite Peter’s will to go against Walternate’s plans.

This of course leads to my next question, which is: Can anyone host Bell’s mind/soul? Or was Olivia ideally suited because of her cortexi-brain. If so, is there a chance that Bell will become a split personality of Olivia’s permanently?


So at one point I had suggested we might send our Broyles Over There to impersonate his other self. With Alt Broyles dead that doesn’t seem likely any more, but I do wonder if we were introduced to Lincoln specifically so they could use him to impersonate his alternate self at some point in the future.

I also think it’s interesting that they only brought in Lee once Olivia’s body was taken over by Bell, meaning that no one on our side recognizes him as the Fringe agent from the other side. Olivia would have immediately seen Lee and told Peter that Lee was in charge of the Fringe team Over There.  I think once Olivia comes back and sees that they worked with Lincoln, she might be the one who suggests her and Lee go Over There to impersonate their other selves.

My alternate theory is that our “Lee” is really Lee from Over There, who was sent here by Walternate to spy on the Fringe Team. He didn’t show up until Olivia was taken over by Bell, because she would have been suspicious of the timing. Either way, I just hope we see more of both Lees in the future.


When the church bell rang, did it accidentally unseat Bell’s control over Olivia’s body? Or did it just wake her up, causing a struggle between her and Bell over who is in control? Or did Bell try to use the church bell to transfer his soul to another vessel, and he’s now worried because it didn’t work? That somehow he’s now meshed with Olivia’s mind.

I really liked the acting here, as it was instantly clear that Olivia was back in control, and when Bell took control once more, I could really see all the work that went into creating the Nemoy impression. As much as I do want to see our Olivia back, I do worry that another actor might not be able to manage the Bell character as well as Anna Torv.


If a strong electromagnetic bound could be created within this woman by being struck by lightning (twice!), why couldn’t Walter duplicate this on a much larger scale to strengthen the bonds of the universe, thus reversing the damage he did and restoring both universes to their previous state

Unless that’s what the machine will eventually do despite what everyone thinks. That somehow it will enhance the electromagnetic bonds holding both universes together, thus reversing the decay both sides have experienced. I’ve always said every case reveals something that will be used later down the road on FRINGE, and I think this is what we’re supposed to take from this case. Something to think about it, especially as it might foreshadow some hope for both worlds.


Is there a chance our government has stolen Walter’s designs and developed their own way of crossing over? It would explain why our universe is starting to deteriorate so quickly after being relatively stable since Walter crossed over (it was almost 25 years ago).

I just can’t help but feel that especially after they learned that a shape-shifter had killed and taken over the life of a congressman (senator? whatever), our government and our military would have sprung into action and formulated their own plans to deal with Walternate and the other universe. This is also kind of a cool idea because eventually it might pit our Fringe Team against our government, meaning a possible team-up with the Over There Fringe team.


A lot of fate talk, and about how trying to stay out of the machine will only lead to Peter having to enter it. It kind of reminds me of when LOST used to debate faith, which I think might be deliberate, especially since we saw Hurley last week.

And did anyone else think it was creepy how Bellivia kept coming on to Astrid? I thought so, especially when he and Walter were giggling at the idea of Astrid milking Bell while inside Gene the cow.

Ok, folks, the season is winding down, the shows are getting better and better, and I think the odds are good that we’ll see that 4th season. Keep on spreading the word, especially if you have any friends with a Nielson box!


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