FRINGE RECAP 16 Season 3: Episode 18 “Bloodlines”

Posted: 03/31/2011 in FRINGE RECAPS


Season 3: Episode 18 “Bloodlines”

“It’s not easy to juggle a pregnant wife and a troubled child, but somehow I managed to squeeze in 8 hours of TV a day..”

After this amazing episode, I am incredibly annoyed that FOX won’t air another episode of FRINGE until April 15th. That is a really long time to wait, especially as the season is now coming to a close and huge things are happening.

Only on FRINGE could we find out a character is pregnant one week, have the child be born 3 weeks later, and still find it totally believable. I understand that it would be tough to have an action/adventure sci-fi show where the main character is pregnant, (well, at least her alt universe self), but it borders on ridiculous that we only see Fauxlivia full-on pregnant for about 3 minutes, and yet still buy into the whole story. What can’t FRINGE do?


When Olivia was having the kid, I paused the TV, turned to my roommate, and said, “They’re gonna kill her. Her death is going to be part of the reason why Peter returns to the alternate universe.” Obviously, I really thought they were going to kill Fauxlivia. It would’ve been such an interested way to go, especially if the people who abducted her were from our world, as I suggested last week. But part of what makes FRINGE amazing is that it doesn’t take the obvious path, and constantly surprises us.

I do want to know if Walternate’s team was going to kill Fauxlivia? I mean, it’s clear that he values the baby’s life, but did he want her to live? Was the whole point to get the baby out of her before the disease killed it? Or was it to accelerate the pregnancy and save both mom and baby? If the former, does this mean Walternate still plans on getting rid of Fauxlivia? And even weirder, when did Fauxlivia become such a sympathetic character that I don’t want to see get killed? Wasn’t she one of the bad guys like 8 episodes ago?


I’m happy that Lincoln and Charlie are finally beginning to question Walternate, for Fringe agents they sure took a while to figure out the whole alt Olivia thing. With this new knowledge I am now almost 100% certain that they’re going to be allies with our Fringe team at some point in the future.

Do they suspect that Walternate killed Broyles? Or do they just think Broyles is on some extended assignment in the other Universe?

Also, is Walternate going to have to kill Lincoln now that Lincoln knows his secrets? I mean, we know the man is ruthless, why is he keeping Lincoln around even though he knows so much? Perhaps Walternate has his own plans about another agent swap, and has just learned that the Lincoln from our side has recently made contact with our Fringe team…


Could Walternate also speed up the growth of Fauxlivia’s child as he did the pregnancy? Wouldn’t it be the same thing? If so, does this mean we could have a teenage son for Peter to deal with before the season is out? Or even weirder, what if the kid aged too much and died within a few weeks. That would be odd. But if the 9 months of growing within the womb were reduced to a few days, it would make sense that they could speed up the kid’s life the same way, much like that infant baby from season one that was born and died a minute later, looking like an old man.

More importantly though, will Fauxlivia’s baby be able to activate the machine? Would Walternate sacrifice his own grandchild to destroy the other world? Or will he use it as bait for Peter? Will Peter enter the machine in order to prevent his offspring from being forced inside? We’re getting down to the wire here, and I really want to know what will get Peter inside that machine, as I’m sure he’s “fated” to do so.


For some reason I’m beginning to wonder where Fauxlivia’s mother might be a villain, she just seems too innocent and one-dimensional. So many shots of her just walking around thinking, and even some shots of her that look downright devious. I mean sure, she seems like a loving grandma now, but what if she has some kind of crazy back-story with Walternate? What if Fauxlivia’s mom was in league with Walternate, and has been ever since she helped convince our Olivia that she was Fauxlivia?

Next, did Fauxlivia realize that Lincoln said he loved her? Does she realize he actually means it? Will that be the great couple Over There, Lincoln and Fauxlivia? I think they match well together, but I’m not sure if she has even considered poor Lincoln. But then again, did she really consider Peter as datable before she allowed him to knock her up?

And finally, what’s the name of the baby? Will it be Peter? Or how about Philip (Broyles’ first name)? I only ask because they didn’t reveal it this episode, and made kind of a big deal about what it would be.


Will alt-Astrid join the crew working against Walternate? Or will she remain loyal to her boss? Is there some secret history to alt-Astrid? What if she’s so smart because Walternate tinkered with her brain while she was a child, making her into the kind of robo-smart yet somewhat awkward person she is? What if his experiments on young Astrid are why Walternate will no longer allow experimentation on children?

Ok, that’s it for the week. Spread the word, keep watching, you know the deal. FRINGE comes back April 15th, good luck being FRINGE-less for two weeks. It’ll be tough for me.


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