FRINGE RECAP 17 Season 3: Episode 19 “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide”

Posted: 04/18/2011 in FRINGE RECAPS


Season 3: Episode 19 “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide”

“It’s like something out of that Twilight-y show about that zone.”

Spectacular episode.

Well worth the 2-week wait. However, as I look at the fact that this was episode 19, I cannot believe there are only 3 episodes left this season. It seems these episodes are going to be tying up A LOT of the loose ends as this season wraps up.

I really enjoyed all of the homages in this episode, from Inception to the Walking Dead shout-out with the zombies on the rooftop. I’m not even sure LOST could have gotten away with all the craziness that’s perfectly acceptable on FRINGE.


Astro and Wally – my favorite moment from the episode, especially Walter’s expression when she called him Wally. So glad that Astrid had more face time this week, she’s an amazing character (though I do worry that she would also be a great character to kill off.)

In a close second for my favorite moment this episode – When everyone becomes a cartoon, and Walter has a thought bubble that says: “How Wonderful!” I laughed a lot at that one. I know it’s kinda dumb, but it was just so in character for Walter and so random at the same time.


I never realized that alt-Broyle’s death hit our Broyles so hard, especially if he’s still thinking about it all these months later. Was this whole scene of him talking about death with Astrid some kind of foreshadowing? I already said that I suspect they might kill off Astrid, but maybe I’m wrong and they’re gonna kill Broyles? Or maybe he will send Astrid on a mission wherein she will lose her life. It would certainly fit with what Broyles said about him “being death.”

Was there a spark between Broyles and Astrid? Am I the only one who noticed that? I know Broyles is supposed to be hooking up with Nina, but aside from ONE kiss at the beginning of season 2, we really haven’t seen them interacting at all since. It might be kind of interesting if Broyles and Astrid had a fling, especially Walter and Olivia’s reaction to it.


I was a little unnerved with some of Walter’s dialogue with Peter once they entered Olivia’s mind. When he said, “Cortexiphan subjects were “designed that way” – a.k.a. wanting to blend into the background, I couldn’t help but cringe at the objectification of Olivia and those children. It was almost like seeing a part of Walter’s dark side that they always hint about, especially since he supposedly cares so much about Olivia. Aside from that darker turn though, I really enjoyed the banter about how everyone on the street was dressed in drab, dark clothes like Olivia, as I had been thinking it as well.

Was it Olivia’s mind that transformed everyone into a cartoon? Or was it Bell’s psyche that generated their animated counterparts? I ask because when Peter leaves Bell and enters Olivia’s house at the end, it goes back to live-action. And then once he and young Olivia return outside with Bell, everything is a cartoon again. I kind of like the idea that Bell’s mind is that weird, and psychedelic.


So great hearing Walter and Peter discuss Olivia’s mind-meld with Jon Scott from Season 1! I am really enjoying how often the current episodes call back to things that happened in previous seasons. Makes a lot of the more boring “case” oriented episodes from season 1 seem a lot more interesting now that we know the technology used in them will eventually return as a plot point. For example: The episode where a man impregnated a hooker who gave birth an hour or so later to a rapidly aging child plays right into the whole Fauxlivia accelerated pregnancy storyline.

I also heard something about the pale, mute child from season one potentially being a young Observer? I heard one of the executive producers mention that in an offhand way, and I wonder now if it might be true. Does this mean there are female Observers for them to pro-create with? What ever happened to that kid? Since the two Observers whose names we know are August and September, are there only 12 Observers, each named after a month? I sincerely hope this is answered this season, but I have a feeling that, like the smoke monster on LOST, they are saving the mystery of the Observers for the show’s end game. I just hope we get more resolution than we did for old Smokey.


Why did it suddenly become Christmas time in Olivia’s house when the bad men arrived? I wonder what the significance is. And also, what happened to her real dad? They moved to Jacksonville because he was in the military and was, as Peter said “an important man.” And yet she had a stepfather in the flashback this season. Did her real father die? We haven’t seen him Over There either, so I’m guessing he’s dead. But who was he? What was his job? Could he have been in some way linked to the FBI or previous Fringe departments? Could he have sent Olivia to Peter and Bell knowing she was a cortexiphan candidate?

In regards to the final moments of the show, when Olivia calmly tells Peter that man is going to kill her, I have a few theories. One is that the man is going to kill Fauxlivia. Our Olivia saw this happening and assumed it was she and not her doppelganger. My other theory is that he will kill Olivia, and it will push Peter to enter the machine in order to recreate both Universes with Olivia alive and well. Just some thoughts, but I did love that moment.


When Peter, tripping on LSD said, “I think he’s an Observer,” (in regards to Broyles) I thought it was an interesting point. Especially as Broyles appears to have been wrapped in all of this for a long time, and as Peter said, he is bald.

And my most random thought while watching the episode: Is there any chance that Olivia might be pregnant with Frank’s child (Fauxlivia’s ex-boyfriend)? It would kind of be ironic, and give yet another layer of drama to the whole Olivia, Fauxlivia, Peter, Frank and Lincoln love pentagon.

Ok, that’s it for the week. Looking forward to seeing how this season plays out, and still so psyched that FRINGE was picked up for its 4th Season! See you next week!

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