FRINGE RECAP 19 Season 3: Episode 21 “The Last Sam Weiss”

Posted: 05/05/2011 in FRINGE RECAPS


Season 3: Episode 21 “The Last Sam Weiss”

“Okay, don’t panic! Remember the advice Dad gave you on your wedding day. [Flashback of younger grampa in a tuxedo] ‘If you ever travel back in time, don’t step on anything. Because even the slightest change can alter the future in ways you can’t imagine…’”

Jesus, that was a finale type ending, not a second to last-episode of the season ending! I honestly have no idea where they’re going with the finale now. But I am thoroughly enjoying the ride. This entire season cements my belief that FRINGE is not only my favorite show, but the best sci-fi show on TV right now.

I loved the call-back to Olivia’s heightened senses when she sensed the sizzle of the lightning inside the museum before Sam could hear it, as well as the call-back to the telekinetic powers she showed in season one when she turned off the lights on the box.

This truly has been a linking season showing us why Season 1 was necessary.

While I enjoyed this episode, it was most definitely a bridge episode, which means there were a lot more set ups and questions than answers, which is to be expected. Still, as mentioned above, the end was shocking, and I know we’re in for something special with the season finale.


How did Walternate hotwire the other machine with only chromosomes from baby Henry’s blood? Why would the machine work without a person in it? Or did they have someone in it? (potentially Fauxlivia, as punishment?) How much more does Walternate know about the inner workings of this machine?

And while we’re on the subject, just what the hell is Walternate’s plan? Isn’t he experiencing the same destruction on his side? How does he plan on controlling which side is destroyed?

And the Machine is indestructible? Then how was it broken into pieces and scattered across the world? Or does he mean that its indestructible when activated?


Ok, what was with Peter’s amnesia thing? I hope it’ll be explained somehow, maybe part of the whole time-travel thing that happens. Walter talks A LOT in the episode about the instability of Peter’s mind following that blow. Does that lead into why the machine takes him through time? Because he was unstable he couldn’t focus on creation or destruction and instead broke though the time-space continuum? I had thought that with the flashback shots as he entered the machine they were telling us that Peter was focusing on our World and preserving it, but now I’m very confused as to the point of those flashbacks. Are we done with the present story? Will everything next season take place in the future or the past? Was that some kind of story-capper?

And honestly, you’d have thought Walter and Olivia would’ve known better by this point than to leave Peter alone in a hospital. Once again he disappears and they have to chase him down.


What if the whole point of the machine was always to work as a time machine? It creates/ destroys worlds by allowing one to travel to the past or future and alter time, thus creating new realities and destroying the pre-existing ones. If every universe exists solely because different choices were made, than it makes sense that you could destroy and create new universes by changing the decisions made by people in the past.

And while we’re talking about the future, was the building behind future Peter supposed to be the new World Trade Center? I’m assuming it was, and I really like how they’re using the towers to orient the viewer as to where they are in time/ space (universe-wise). To me at least, it was pretty clear that Peter ended up 15 years into the future of OUR universe, and not some conglomeration of the two universes. I know we saw that there was a militarized Fringe division like Over There, but the logo was different, and Over There they had no 9/11 Tower attacks. Hence, they must have been in our universe.

Also, did anyone else catch the wedding band on future Peter’s finger? Did he marry Olivia? Or maybe Fauxlivia?


Random thought I had while watching the episode: Is Sam Weiss named after Samwise Gamgee from LOTR? It just seems so close.

Sam specifically says the machine is not a doomsday device. Does this confirm that it’s a time-travel device?

Sam says the device was “Built for Peter, only he can operate it”. Who built it for Peter? The First People? Why? What if the “First People” are time-traveling versions of our FRINGE division who go back to before humans existed and built this technology to go home?

Ok, so Sam isn’t a first person, but his family has been researching them for generations. How did they get introduced to the First People? Does he know of any First People? Since we know now that Sam isn’t a first person, does this lead more credence to the theory that the Observers are the First People?

Finally, Sam used his Newton’s cradle one last time tonight at the end of episode. What does it communicate? What didn’t he tell Olivia and Walter?


What significance does Peter’s coin play? Clearly, it’s there for a reason and I demand to know what. Unless its set-up for the final plot twist of the episode…. Something like Peter returns from his time-travel trip, only he no longer has the coin because he’s not OUR Peter, but rather a Peter from yet another alternate dimension. (ha, if true, we could tell people that Fringe now has 3D)

Ok, that’s it for the week. Enjoy the finale! I will be taking my time in posting the final recap for Season 3, especially as I have all summer to wait before season 4 begins. Don’t worry, it’ll probably be up before May is over, though I’m not making any promises.

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