Posted: 06/03/2011 in MOVIE REVIEWS

8 out of 10

Worthy of it’s 88% (current) on Rotten Tomatoes.com

Another movie that I wasn’t excited about at all. I had thought the X-Men franchise had run its course, and needed to wait 10 – 20 years for a reboot. I was wrong. And I should have seen it coming. Helmed by the director of KICK-ASS (one of my favorite movies last year) and with Bryan Singer back as producer (director of X-men 1&2), it had all the makings of a great film.

The leads were phenomenal, with James McAvoy as Professor X and Michael Fassbender as Magneto. I could truly see them growing into Patrick Stuart and Ian McKellan’s versions of those characters, which is not to say that McAvoy and Fassbender did not bring anything unique into the roles. They were fun, serious, and compelling, everything that the movie needed to drive the story forward. The only downside in casting was January Jones as Emma Frost, as I honestly didn’t see any difference between how she portrayed Frost and how she does Betty Draper. Based on this, I doubt she has much artistic range as an actor, though she was smoking hot in the film, which for many, more than makes up for her lack of thespian skills.

The special effects were usually pretty basic, though a few scenes in the end I thought were spectacular visually. Throw in some excellent cameos and callbacks to the original movies, and this is definitely a big win for marvel and 20th century fox.

Highly recommend.

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