Posted: 06/30/2011 in MOVIE REVIEWS

7 out of 10

Definitely better than the 2nd shitty installment, especially in the action packed final act.

Ok, I know, its got terrible reviews, and holds about a 36% right now on, but I don’t care. Its pretty much exactly what I expected/wanted out of a Michael Bay Transformers movie, and even with paying about $20 bucks to see it in IMAX 3D, I did not feel like I wasted my money.

The action scenes (particularly the final hour of the film) were epic, the new chick fit nicely into the slot vacated by Megan Fox (and looked VERY good doing so, might I add), the opening plot set-up and ongoing mythology explanations were enticing, and with the robots getting more screen time, I’m really having a hard time explaining why its getting so much hatred from critics. It’s decent summer fare, and yeah, I’m a little sick of Shia LeBouf running screaming around and making stupid jokes too, but the movie is far superior to Pirates 4 or the Hangover 2, both of which fared about the same on Rotten Tomatoes.

In the end, I’d recommend anyone to watch it with an open mind, and know that seeing the dramatic battle sequences on the big screen is far superior to watching it at home in this case.

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