Posted: 10/14/2011 in FRINGE RECAPS


S4: EP3: “Alone in the World”

“What did the mushroom get invited to all the parties?”

“Cuz he’s a Fungi!”


Welcome back to my Fringe Recaps, and more importantly, to another year of FRINGE! I apologize for the delay in starting the recaps this year. For any who worried that I too disappeared from the space-time continuum after last season, rest assured I’m still here. Just…lazy. Very lazy.

Anyways, I’m switching up the format this season. Instead of random Simpsons quotes that vaguely line up with the theme of the episode I’m recapping, this season I’m going with terrible jokes…. that vaguely line up with the episode I’m recapping.

Ok, let’s get to the recaps and theories…

This week was the third episode of the season with little to no mythology, aside from the running story of Peter popping up in the heads of those he loves. As such, I’m not going to spend a lot of time going over what exactly the cases were about these past three episodes, and instead focus on what little mythology we have seen, and my current theories.


Ok, so we know Peter has been “erased” from the timeline. But as of this past episode, we now know how. It seems the Observers only needed Peter to create the bridge between universes, and now don’t want him around. He’s dead because September didn’t jump into the lake in 1985 to save him (ironic also because September also interfered with Walternate’s experiment to prevent him from making the cure, making me wonder if he appeared in that moment not by accident, but precisely to stop Walternate from saving Peter.)

However, the fly in the ointment of the Observer’s plan is September, who doesn’t seem to agree that Peter should be erased. We’ve seen him directly disobey orders from the Observers to permanently erase Peter, thus leaving the door open for Peter to break through back into the timeline. What’s September’s plan? Will he become a fugitive Observer like August from season 2?

The real question I have is… where is Peter then? Is he just a disembodied spirit? Or is he in some pocket Universe? Or could he be Over There somewhere, breaking through as Olivia used to when she was first discovering her powers? Or an interesting theory I read (from EW’s Doc Jensen, the man who now recaps FRINGE and used to recap LOST), is Peter somehow within the powerful and altered minds of Walter and Olivia? Could her cortexiphan enhancement and Walter’s sliced up brain somehow prevent them from being entirely altered by a shift in the space-time continuum?


Where is our villain from the past 3 seasons? Does anyone else think its odd that he has not yet appeared in a new scene this season? Is he still plotting against our universe? Is his hatred of Walter even more now that Peter died in Walter’s cross-universe trip instead of just being kidnapped?

My best theory this season is that the bad guys of the season will be the Observers, based on their Peter erasing policy, but I wonder if there will be some kind of alliance between them and Walternate, with Walternate playing them for information he needs to exact his vengeance.


I now wonder if the Observers are afraid of Peter for some reason, if maybe he becomes a huge threat to the timeline either due to his own connection to the machine or because he incites the FRINGE team to war with the Observers. I don’t know, but since the Observers can see the future, I can’t help but feel they have a good reason for getting rid of Peter.

How is Alt-Broyles alive now? How did things go down when Walternate kidnapped Olivia, and how did she return without Alt-Broyle’s help? (or if he did help her, does this mean Walternate did not choose to kill him?)

That’s it for now folks, stay tuned for more recaps, as I should be able to get back on track now. Sorry for the short recap, but we haven’t been given a lot of new information just yet, and I’m still gearing up for these.

Also, for anyone who hasn’t heard, I recently published a book, and I would appreciate your patronage in purchasing one (its also an ebook if you don’t wish to buy a hard or soft-cover).

Keep watching, and spread the FRINGE word! They need all the viewers they can get if they’re gonna get renewed for a 5th season!

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