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“Please help me, Doctor, I keep seeing into the future!”

“Ah. And when did this start?”

“Next Tuesday.”

As always, don’t read this recap unless you’ve seen the episode, as there is a major spoiler involved.

I’d like to think that my return to the world of FRINGE recaps spawned the resurrection of Peter Bishop the following episode, but clearly it was just really good timing on my part. With the return of Peter I’d say we’re finally getting to the meat of the season, and ending the introductory 1st act of the season (it’s been this way for the past 2 seasons. For example, Season 2 the “first act” episodes of the season involved all 4 episodes until Olivia finally remembered what she and Bell spoke about. And in Season 3, the intro “first act” episodes were all those until Olivia returned home.)

Also, I’d like to agree with a number of commenters on the internet who’ve been angry with FOX for their FRINGE promos giving everything away, as I never believed for a second that the blue energy blob was some random astral projection of another cortexiphan kid, and it was entirely because of the promos declaring the “return of Peter Bishop.” Figure it out FOX, don’t hurt a struggling show by blowing all their big surprises.


So I noticed a lot of religion sprinkled about this episode. From Walter’s stigmata wounds after his hotel room freak out, to Peter’s resurrection from the water, even to the fishermen who found him and carried him ashore. I’m not sure if it’s some not-so-subtle foreshadowing about Peter’s role this season, though if it is, I wonder who would be the devil in this metaphor.

But it is good to see Peter, and I’m glad his return didn’t just magically return everything back to normal. Otherwise all these episodes introducing us to the new timeline would have been a waste. Don’t get me wrong, I suspect we’ll all be back in the original timeline before this season is finished, but I wouldn’t expect it till the end of the season. My last question for the Peter section is this: could the time he spent in the machine, which seems to operate outside time and space and universes, be what allowed him to survive his erasure and break back into the universe?


First of all, it was good to finally see Nina and Massive Dynamic again, especially since they had become such an integral part of the show over the years. It was odd to see the angry relationship between Walter and Nina (though I suspect he blames her for Peter’s death since her interference shattered the cure vial and forced Walter to kidnap Peter, which of course led to the boy’s death in Reiden Lake on their return to our universe in this timeline… Looking at that past sentence, I’m beginning to see why some people claim FRINGE has gotten too complicated for the casual viewer, ha).

I am very curious about Nina’s new relationship with Olivia, as it seems as though they have known each other a long time in the new timeline. Could Nina have somehow been the one to find Olivia after she ran away (and potentially killed her step-father) and then raised her to adulthood? That would certainly explain any coolness she feels toward Walter, as she would be blaming him for messing with those children in the trials, one of whom she then had to take care of.

Also, in Nina’s introduction she is lecturing some folk at Massive Dynamics about the moral implications of their nanotechnology, which was odd as it had nothing to do with the plot of this week’s episode. Could this be some kind of foreshadowing?


Is September declaring war on the Observers? Aside from disobeying their orders to destroy free-floating Peter from the timeline, he was right there watching as Peter was reborn, and he did nothing. Which brings me back to my theory that the villains of the seasons are going to be the Observers themselves, with September defecting to the FRINGE team. Perhaps Peter is meant to do something that will negate the Observers purpose, and rather than allow that to happen, they’ve instead chosen to erase the problem. And September, having saved Peter a number of times and watched him and his family all this time, has sympathy for the mortals, and decides their lives are worth more than the uncaring Observers. I dunno, but it would make for a cool arc this season.


First off, is William Bell dead in this timeline? And if he is, doesn’t that mean that Walter owns Massive Dynamic still? And if he’s not dead, where is he? I sincerely hope we get more answers about the new history of the Fringe Department and Massive Dynamic soon.

Next, Did Sam Weiss’s drawings of the machine have pictures of Olivia and Peter in this timeline? It stands to reason that the answer would still be yes, which makes me wonder why no one has recognized Peter from those drawings.

Ok, that’s it for this week. I’m a little perturbed that we have to wait 2 weeks for the next FRINGE, (just play the episodes after the baseball game! It’s not like the ratings are that high anyway) but I’m excited to see what direction the show takes now that Peter is back. Keep watching and spreading the word!


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