Things are Heating Up in ‘FIREWORKS’ As ‘Socially Awkward’ Heads into Week 5!

Posted: 02/07/2017 in SOCIALLY AWKWARD

As Barry complains about not being informed about the fireworks outside, Scott attempts to tell his friend about his failed attempt to finally put the moves on Olivia, despite their communication misfires and the distractions that inevitably come when trying to be alone with someone at a party.

It’s Week 5 of ‘Socially Awkward,’ make sure to head over to the Addicted Media Channel (here) and catch up with the full series so far, and please take the time to Subscribe to channel so you can be caught up on all current ‘Socially Awkward’ happenings, and also PLEASE Like and Comment on the videos with your thoughts on the latest exploits of Scott, Olivia, Barry, Gabbi and Katie!

And remember to come back next Tuesday for another episode of ‘Socially Awkward!’

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