‘Socially Awkward’ Returns This Week With 7th Episode – SECRET AGENTS AND SPIES

Posted: 02/28/2017 in sciencefiction.com articles


After a week’s hiatus, ‘Socially Awkward’ is back this week, as the gang attends a fresh new ‘Fancy party’ with a Secret Agents and Spies theme, where Scott and Olivia meet up once more to give it another try thanks to Barry and Gabbi’s manipulations, and Barry uses a prop squirt gun to make friends with some frat guys in attendance.

It’s Socially Awkward, Week 7, make sure to check it out and Like, Comment and Subscribe! Also, we’re on Amazon now! Head over there to check out the first two “definitive” episodes of the series, with the third, ‘Fireworks’ coming later this week!

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