New On The Web: Watch GUI Episode 4: The WEAKEST AVENGER! (aka The Spider-Man Arcade Game)

Posted: 04/17/2018 in GUI

Welcome back to GUI: Gaming Under the Influence! For the 4th episode of our series, we play the SPIDER-MAN ARCADE GAME from the 1990’s, and introduce another TWO new players, JORDAN and BRE, and continue the insanity with surprise LANDMINE shots of tequila mixed into the regular beer as the guys battle their way through the streets of New York with Spidey and the gang! This episode features tons of comic-book trivia, many exciting WA-POWS!, lots of extra shots due to the length of the game (only 4 levels = 2 shots for every death) and ALMOST gave us our first official use of the PUKE BUCKET! Check out all the craziness this week on GUI: Gaming Under the Influence!

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