Ghostbusters 2 Was Not The Story They Wrote Says Bill Murray

Posted: 04/22/2021 in Screen Rant Articles


Ghostbusters 2 is not the story that was originally written, according to co-star, Bill Murray. The sequel has long been a point of contention for those involved and merits a topic of debate for fans of the Ghostbusters franchise. Decades after its release, the film is still brought up when discussing disappointing sequels that stalled the franchise, and drove away the talent involved.

The original Ghostbusters was released in 1984, and was directed by Ivan Reitman with a script by Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd. It was a critical and commercial success, and it seemed all too likely a sequel would soon follow. However, the principal cast members were reluctant, though they were eventually persuaded to come back for Ghostbusters 2 with Reitman returning to direct and with a new script by Ramis and Aykroyd that everyone appeared to be on board with.

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