Marvel & ESPN Team Up For An Avengers-Themed NBA Game

Posted: 04/27/2021 in Screen Rant Articles


The forces of Marvel and ESPN are coming together for a special NBA game featuring the Avengers. The unique broadcast continues a trend as ESPN reaches out to new viewers through targeted specials such as the recent “BetCast” for sports betting enthusiasts and “KidsCast” for younger viewers interested in a recent Little League Championship. If executed properly, tapping into the Marvel audience has the potential to entice yet another demographic of viewers to watch.

ESPN is not the only sports network trying this approach. There was an NFL Wild Card game on Nickelodeon this year with members of the sketch show “All That” doing commentary, complete with green slime and animated overlays to help keep the kids entertained. Meanwhile, the MLB Network is taking a more laid back approach and bringing on retired players including CC Sabathia and Carlos Pena to talk about an upcoming game “Clubhouse” style, encouraging them to speak as though they were at home watching and chatting with friends.

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