James Cameron More Concerned About Movie Theaters Than Avatar 2 Box Office

Posted: 04/28/2021 in Screen Rant Articles
Movie Theater Concerns Outweigh James Camerons Box Office Wins


With Avatar 2 trudging toward its release date, James Cameron finds himself more concerned with the state of movie theaters right now than with box office success. Cameron’s original Avatar film was a wild success mainly due to the innovative 3D technology that enhanced the lush scenery of the world he had created and captured the imaginations of audiences around the world. People flocked to see the film over and over again, and have been waiting over a decade to see the continuation of the story.

Cameron has been hard at work on Avatar 2 for some time, with fans hearing tantalizing rumors about what they might expect, including an expanded cast, new worlds, resurrected characters, and oceanic cities alongside brand new technology allowing Cameron to film underwater in ways never seen before. With his attention to detail and demand to push the boundaries of technology, it’s not that surprising that the sequels to the original Avatar have taken this long to come to fruition.

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