Flintstones Sequel Show In The Works With Elizabeth Banks As Adult Pebbles

Posted: 04/30/2021 in Screen Rant Articles
Flintstones Sequel In Works with Elizabeth Banks as Pebbles


There is a Flintstones reboot on the way, this time a sequel series with Elizabeth Banks starring as adult Pebbles. While not the first attempt to bring back the first family of prime-time television, there is clearly a lot of interest based on the number of films and adaptations that have been made over the years. But the real question may be whether or not audiences will still find the prehistoric family as entertaining as they were almost 60 years ago.

Premiering in 1960 as the first animated primetime series, The Flintstones was a big gamble by legendary production company Hanna-Barbera. They were lucky enough to convince ABC to give them a prime-time slot, and they aptly used that time to craft a series beloved by kids and parents alike, though never that well received by critics. Regardless, by the end of its six-season, 166-episode run, The Flintstones had cemented its place in television history. With catchphrases like “Yabba-dabba do!,” its iconic theme song, and being the first animated show nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award, audiences would not soon forget TV’s original cartoon primetime family.

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