The Flash Season 7 Confirms XS Return

Posted: 05/06/2021 in Screen Rant Articles


The Flash is bringing back fan-favorite character XS in Season 7. With news that Bart Allen was joining the series soon, fans had already started speculating about what other Allen family members would appear in Season 7. Now they can finally officially add the long-lost Nora West-Allen to that list.

Nora first appeared in Season 4, though she did not reveal who she was until the finale. She was much more prominent in Season 5, as her heroic persona “XS” teamed up with Barry, who also mentored her, as they fought against the Cicada threat. Eventually, she revealed her connections to the future Eobard Thawne, who was helping her learn to use her abilities. In reality, he was using her to break free from prison before his execution date. Nora was erased from the timeline in the Season 5 finale when she and Team Flash managed to defeat the second Cicada and Thawne, though Barry and Iris kept up hope that they would see her again one day.

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