The Office: The Father Of Jan’s Baby Is Tennis Player Andy Roddick

Posted: 05/07/2021 in Screen Rant Articles
The father of Jan's baby on The Office is tennis star Andy Roddick


At long last, fans have learned the father of Jan’s baby on The Office is none other than tennis star, Andy Roddick. The identity of baby Astrid’s father has been one of the lingering questions of the series since Jan first announced her pregnancy at the end of the 4th season. Now, the only big The Office mystery fans have left to solve is who the real Scranton Strangler is.

Jan’s pregnancy was a plot point introduced as a complication for when Michael Scott began courting love interest, Holly Flax. Fortunately for the Michael-Holly relationship, Jan did not seem that interested in keeping Michael involved in her pregnancy, and did not even bother calling Michael when she went into labor. Though Jan never revealed the identity of baby Astrid’s father during the series, she insisted it was not Michael as she had gone to a sperm bank in Scranton. However, it is briefly hinted that accountant Kevin Malone might be the father, as he frequented that particular sperm bank, much to Jan’s horror when she learned of it.

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