Batwoman Season 2 Introduces Stephanie Brown AKA Spoiler With New Image

Posted: 05/10/2021 in Screen Rant Articles
New Image from Batwoman Season 2 reveals introduction of Stephanie Brown AKA the Spoiler


New images from Batwoman season 2 reveal the show is introducing Stephanie Brown, who is known in the comics as Spoiler. While she may not be a name that casual fans of the Arrowverse know, the character fits with the deep pulls Batwoman has been making from DC’s character canon during its run. Plus, devoted fans are sure to recognize Spoiler and know of her long association with the Bat-family.

Stephanie Brown has a surprisingly long 29-year history in the comics. From a heroic origin of taking on the moniker “Spoiler” to foil her supervillain father Cluemaster’s schemes, to joining the Bat-family by suiting up as Robin and Batgirl at various times, Stephanie has seen her fair share of action. Throw in a romance with the third Robin, Tim Drake, and joining a superhero team led by Batwoman during DC’s Rebirth, and her heroic resume is pretty full.

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