Margot Robbie Regularly Pesters WB About Poison Ivy Joining The DCEU

Posted: 05/11/2021 in Screen Rant Articles


Margot Robbie wants to see Poison Ivy in the DCEU, and she is letting the people at Warner Bros know it. Robbie’s tenure as the character Harley Quinn has been such a consistent successes for the studio that they should know to pay attention when she has ideas. The real question is whether or not they see the value in adding Poison Ivy to the slate of characters already in the DCEU.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy started off as simply Batman villains, but have evolved into so much more, thanks to their popularity together in pop culture. When Harley and the Joker are on the outs, she finds solace and comfort in the relationship she has with her friend Poison Ivy. And that relationship has been portrayed across various mediums as everything from a very close friendship to a full-blown romance between the pair. All of which could be fascinating to see portrayed on the big screen, which is likely what R0bbie has in mind.

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  1. NinaRose says:

    I Think Anya Taylor-Joy should be casting as Poison Ivy/Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley In DCEU


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