Star Wars: The Bad Batch’s Ending Is So Sad It Made The Show’s Composers Cry

Posted: 05/20/2021 in Screen Rant Articles


Series composer, Kevin Kiner, warns that some of the music in the finale to Star Wars: The Bad Batch was enough to make him cry. Kiner has been working on this part of the Star Wars universe since George Lucas started the 3D animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoons back in 2008. With all that time spent creating music centered on the clones, it would be reasonable to understand why Kiner would be emotionally invested in their ultimate fate.

Premiering just this past May the 4th, Star Wars: The Bad Batch is a spin-off from Lucas’s The Clone Wars, which concluded with the release of season 7 on Disney+ last year. The new series centers on a group of augmented clones first introduced in the final season of the The Clone Wars, each more independent and unique than their brethren and enhanced with special abilities like tracking senses or extra strength. The current storyline has the group taking care of the newest member of their ranks, the augmented female clone Omega, a child they rescued from Kamino as they fled both the encroaching Empire and their own member, Crosshair, now brainwashed due to his inhibitor chip.

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