Justin Lin Was Thinking About F9 Even While Directing Star Trek Beyond

Posted: 05/21/2021 in Screen Rant Articles


Justin Lin was recently quoted saying his thoughts were on ideas for F9 even while he was directing Star Trek Beyond. Fortunately for Star Trek fans, Lin still produced an above-average film that was successful both critically and commercially. But it might have been a little bit more if Lin had not been distracted by his former passion.

Lin first took on directing duties for The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift after a successful run at Sundance with his film, Better Luck Tomorrow. Lin was interested in the latest film of the franchise, but made some changes to the script and story, wanting to focus on a more global scale for the film that did not follow a lot of the usual tropes for movies about Japan. From there, Lin’s hot streak continued, as the next three Fast and Furious films he directed cemented the series as a real franchise capable of building an audience with each installment.

(full article)

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