Emilia Clarke Reacts To Qi’ra’s Star Wars Original Trilogy Era Return

Posted: 06/09/2021 in Screen Rant Articles


Emilia Clarke recently shared her thoughts on seeing Qi’ra return to the original trilogy era of Star Wars. Though three years have passed since audiences first saw Qi’ra onscreen, her journey will continue in the ongoing Star Wars comics published by Marvel. While not a live-action adaptation that would have brought Clarke back for the role, it seems most fans are happy just to see the character still active in the Star Wars mythos.

Qi’ra was introduced in Solo: A Star Wars Story as the love interest for Han Solo, played in the film by Alden Ehrenreich. It is established that she and Han grew up together on Corellia, and were tragically separated when trying to flee their homeworld. When they eventually meet up again he learns that Qi’ra is not only more than capable of taking care of herself now, but she has also chosen to ally herself with a number of dangerous criminals. By the film’s end, Qi’ra chooses to become a lieutenant to Darth Maul in the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate, abandoning any chance of a life with Han.

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