Nightwing Movie Director Reveals Batman’s Role In DC Movie

Posted: 06/28/2021 in Screen Rant Articles


The director of DC’s Nightwing spoke recently about the role Batman will play in the movie. Despite many rumors that the film might not be happening, it appears that a lot of thought it still going into how a Nightwing movie would work in relation to the rest of the Bat-family. For fans, it just would not feel like a Nightwing story without at least some reference or mention of his extended network of allies.

Nightwing is the alter-ego of Dick Grayson, the first Robin that Batman took under his wing. Though the name has been used by other heroes in DC canon, for most fans the name “Nightwing” will always refer to the persona Grayson took on after leaving the role of Robin and striking out on his own. He was featured in his own comic-series from 1995-2009, showcasing his adventures in Gotham’s neighboring city of Bludhaven alongside other Bat-family allies such as Barbara Gordon’s Oracle.

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