Batwoman Season 2 Is The End Of Kate Kane’s Story, Confirms Showrunner

Posted: 06/30/2021 in Screen Rant Articles


The showrunner of Batwoman confirmed that Season 2 is the end of Kate Kane’s story on the series. After a year hell-bent on surviving despite Ruby Rose’s departure, the show managed to fully settle into its new situation by the season’s end. And truthfully, they did remarkably well finding a way to write Rose out of the series while maintaining a compelling story for the rest of the characters.

Ruby Rose as Batwoman was introduced to the CW DC universe during the ‘Elseworlds” crossover event back in December of 2018. Not long after the special, the CW ordered a series based on the character, with Rose’s Kate Kane taking up the Batwoman mantle in the absence of her cousin, Bruce Wayne/ Batman. Season 1 focused on the backstories of the Kane family, especially Kate’s estranged sister, Beth, who had become the villain Alice after being kidnapped as a child. Following the conclusion of Season 1, amidst the Corona-virus pandemic, Rose made the decision to leave the series, leaving the fate of Kate Kane up in the air.

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