Arrow’s Mia Queen Actress Would Love To Return To The Arrowverse

Posted: 07/01/2021 in Screen Rant Articles


Arrow’s Mia Queen actress says she would be game to return to the Arrowverse. After the planned spin-off for her character was not picked up by The CW, it did not seem likely that fans would see Mia or her allies in the future again. And with all the DC shows currently being introduced on the CW, it does not seem like the Arrowverse is going away anytime soon.

Katharine McNamara joined the 7th season of Arrow in the recurring role of Mia Smoak (a.k.a. Blackstar), who fans eventually learned was the daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. In Season 8 she got upgraded to “main cast” status as her character travelled back to Star City 2019 to help out during Crisis and had her history rewritten as the timeline changed. Her new future had her name changed to Mia Queen as she grew up without the violence and heartbreak of her past life, though she did lack the physical training of her previous timeline. Audiences last saw Mia taking up the mantle of Green Arrow again in 2040 after her memories and combat abilities were restored by Dinah Drake, setting up the Green Arrow and The Canaries pilot, which The CW sadly did not pick up.

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