James Franco Trends After Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Teased Green Goblin

Posted: 08/30/2021 in Screen Rant Articles


Fans are talking about James Franco over on Twitter following the release of the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer. The anticipation for both the film and trailers for the next Spider-Man film have been very high, with fans scrubbing through every frame looking for hints and clues. One such detail is the reason that Franco is being discussed so much on social media.

For anyone who may have forgotten, Franco played Harry Osborne, the best friend of Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker (a.k.a. Spider-Man) in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. Throughout that film series the relationship between Franco’s Osborne and Maguire’s Parker was fraught with tension as Harry believed Spider-Man killed his father, but did not yet know Peter was actually the masked hero. By the third film, Harry had taken up his father’s mantle of the Green Goblin after learning that Peter was Spider-Man, though ultimately his friendship with Peter proved stronger than his hatred and he sacrificed himself to save his friends.

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