Eternals Movie Had One Specific Restriction Because Of Inhumans TV Show

Posted: 11/17/2021 in Screen Rant Articles


It turns out that because of the Marvel Television/ABC Studios series, Inhumans, Marvel had to put one specific restriction on the writers of Eternals. While the newest entry in the MCU is being met with mixed reviews from both critics and fans, the final product is vastly superior to Marvel’s first attempt at a heroic group of ancient aliens living in secret on Earth. Perhaps it was even those similarities that reminded Marvel to enforce one specific rule with the writers of Eternals.

The Inhumans TV series debuted in IMAX theaters in September of 2017, before moving to its home on ABC 2 weeks later. Despite a talented cast, the series struggled to find its way as critics were unhappy with many aspects such as the low budget forcing limited special effects and superpower usage and a story that felt overlong long and drawn out. The series lasted only one 8-episode season before it was cancelled by ABC.

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