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While ‘Westworld’ pulled off a Season 1 finale success, it was not without its imperfections.

Source: TV Review: ‘Westworld: The Bicameral Mind (Episode 10)’ – SEASON 1 FINALE

Alright, we are clearly right at the end of the season now, as all the dominoes are falling into place, sadly, a little predictably, but at least in a somewhat entertaining measure. Most of the big theories were proven correct tonight, with one big one still lingering, but with enough hints that to let us …

Source: TV Review: ‘Westworld: The Well-Tempered Clavier (Episode 9)’

As suspected, the 3rd to the last episode of Season 1 of ‘Westworld’ did not disappoint and potentially confirming some fan theories along the way.

Source: TV Review: ‘Westworld: Trace Decay (Episode 8)’

If ever there was a week where I felt it necessary to warn about ‘Westworld’ spoilers, this would be it.

Source: TV Review: ‘Westworld: Trompe L’Oeil (Episode 7)’

This week’s ‘Westworld’ upped the ante for all of the characters and shifted how we saw a lot of characters,

Source: TV Review: ‘Westworld: The Adversary (Episode 6)’

Who would have thought that after only 5 episodes we would be this deep into the mysteries of ‘Westworld,’ or have invested this heavily into the characters? Honestly, when I realized that this was my 5th review of the series I was surprised as it felt like I had been writing about the show much …

Source: TV Review: ‘Westworld: Dissonance Theory (Episode 5)’

After a little bit of a slow-down in Episode 3, I’m happy to say that ‘Westworld’ came back full-steam this week, full of powerful scenes, amazing action, and of course, dozens of new theories and revelations.

Source: TV Review: ‘Westworld: Dissonance Theory (Episode 4)’