Proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro 2019, Final Cut Pro, AVID, Adobe AfterEffects 2019, Adobe Media Encoder 2019, Adobe Photoshop 2019, QuickTime, Compressor, Sorenson Squeeze, DVD Studio ProDigital Rapids, MacCaption, and Manzanita Software. Experienced with Sony Digibeta, D5, D2, BetaSP and HDCAM-SR decks, Tektronics scopes, xSan networks, as well as patch bays, both manual and digital.

Also proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Publisher, as well as Google Suite, Smartsheets, and Leankit.


The Walt Disney Company – ABC Television Production         02/12 – Present     
Los Feliz, CA

Senior Editor                                                      

  • Formatted weekly television series for online viewing, including creating Masters to spec, and creating textless and audio components.
  • Added captions and commercial breaks to both current and archived television series
  • Helped managed daily operations of the team, including content scheduling and delivery, workflow efficiencies, and technical troubleshooting.
  • Took point on Special Projects, delivering back-catalogue episodes to the Disney Watch App and Disney+

Nice Piece Productions/ Awesomeness TV                           09/11 – Present
Los Angeles, CA

Freelance Editor                                             

  • Edited comedy sketches for the web, with option for television pick-up


Modern Video Film, Inc.                                    08/11 – 02/12
Burbank, CA


  • Encoded features and trailers to various specs


Lionsgate Films                                             2/08 – 7/11
Santa Monica, CA


  • Assistant Editor in the AV Creative Services Department
  • Produced TV Spots, Cutdowns, and Online Pre-Rolls as well as creating graphics for said spots and managing the machine room
  • Worked with projects such as Weeds, Mad Men, Saw Franchise, Kick-Ass, and The Expendables.


Footprint Media Services, Inc. (d.b.a.) Graduation Nation          6/07 – 6/13
Redondo Beach, CA

Freelance Editor                                                  

  • Edited 7-9 graduation videos a week in graduation season, while also logging and capturing event tapes


Garfield Productions                                             10/07 – 11/08
Westchester, CA


  • Editor on a pilot for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim called “We’re Poor”


Take the Stairs Productions                                    5/07 – 9/07
Los Angeles CA


  • Edited 3-5 minute comedic sketches for their website every week.



Associated Students of LMU (ASLMU)                           4/ 06 – 5/07
Los Angeles, CA

VP of Club Relations                                             

  • Create and put on events to enhance campus community
  • Managed a working budget of $10,000


Associated Students of LMU                                    9/03 – 5/07
Los Angeles, CA

Staff Member                                             

  • Manage and organize the front desk, while assisting students with questions regarding the organization



Loyola Marymount University                                    9/03 – 5/07
Los Angeles, CA

B.A. in Film Production                                                                        

  • Wrote, directed and produced a 5 min film on 16 mm, ‘Trapped’
  • Shot and edited 15 minute documentary, ‘Arturo’s Legacy’
  • Editor on two 15 min 35mm Senior Thesis Projects ‘Black Deaf Irish Magic,’ and ‘Snowbirds’

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