NICHOLAS GRAFF – Senior Video Editor

Los Angeles, CA |


Digital and video editing professional with over 12 years of experience in the film and television industry. Skilled in team leadership and management, bringing together cross-functional teams to produce high quality components for digital streaming content, including foreign audio, subtitles, closed captions, textless and semi-textless, and descriptive audio. Delivering exceptional quality in video and audio editing, last minute cuts and edits, capturing live footage, and cutting in censor notes for broadcast footage to meet standards and requirements.  


Content/ Media Management | Transcoding | Workflows | Team Leadership | Scheduling | Collaboration | Writing & Editing | Project Management | Media Release | Network Scheduling | Training & On-Boarding


SENIOR VIDEO EDITOR | Disney ABC Television Group | Los Angeles, CA | Feb 2012—March 2021

Lead quality control efforts, formatting, and captions for weekly television series and streaming for ABC, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney JR, and Freeform. Create digital components including textless, semi-textless, forced narration, foreign audio, and subtitles for international deliveries. Control and oversee workflow, project templates, and deliverables schedule/deadlines. Train and on-board new hires integrating them into company culture and projects seamlessly.

  • Maintained 100% team productivity during COVID by developing proxies to enable downmixed versions of 5.1 audio to be delivered to remote laptops for episode processing without sacrificing quality or compromising on standards for delivery during remote work.
  • Led team through 1K+ of ABC, Disney+ and Disney back-catalogue projects involving digitizing older tapes, processing clean episodes, foreign components, still images, closed captioning, and more, with a 90% success rate after quality control checks.
  • Reduced on-boarding and training time of new hires from weeks to days by creating comprehensive/easy to read team documentation, basic workflows, and video tutorials.

LEAD EDITOR, WRITER | Addicted Media Productions | Los Angeles, CA | Oct 2014—Current

Oversee editing workflows, media management, and content organization for company-wide media. Work in collaboration with directors to build episode final cuts for creative team review. Trained assistant editors in building off-line episode edits. Hold primary responsibility for building projects, syncing audio, and color correcting of media.

  • Wrote/ edited short doc series, One and Pun, and directed/co-edited series, Ready Player Drunk.
  • Collaborated creatively with producers to re-write middle episodes of Socially Awkward to write main character into the background, allowing for actress to return after another project called her out of town for three episodes, allowing for greater story and supporting character development, and successful release on Amazon Prime.
  • Doubled the amount of content and episodes for YouTube series, Socially Awkward, by writing and producing “shorts” for release between standard episodes, allowing for the series to run with new weekly content for eight months.

ENCODER | Modern Video Film | Burbank, CA | Aug 2011—Feb 2012

Encoded dozens of movies every week for online distribution across digital platforms (Verizon, Vudu, iTunes, and Hulu) reaching an audience of millions. Worked with varying specifications for digital/online release ensuring superior quality and viewer experience.


WRITER | | Los Angeles, CA | Aug 2014—March 2020

Wrote regular short news and entertainment articles, opinion pieces, and recaps/reviews for members and general audience. Covered industry events for website content (pictures, interviews, and special focus features) for such events as Paley Fest and San Diego Comic-Con.

MAIN EDITOR | Graduation Nation | Redondo Beach, CA | Jun 2007—Aug 2013

Edited multicamera and jumbo-tron feed videos for around 200 graduation ceremonies per season, correcting for sound, video, and technical glitches. Compressed and compiled DVDs for DVD Studio Pro distribution.

ASSISTANT EDITOR | Lionsgate Films | Santa Monica, CA | Feb 2008—Jul 2011

Edited numerous trailers, TV spots, and Pre-rolls for current releases marketing and distribution. Created sizzle reels for project and pitch meetings. Made DVD compilations of trailers and prepared trailer builds for new DVD releases.

  • Notable projects include: Kick-Ass, Crank 2, Weeds, Mad Men Season 1, The Spirit, Thor: Tales of Asgard, Madea Goes to Jail, W, The Biggest Loser


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) | Film Production | Loyola Marymount University | Los Angeles, CA | 2007

  • Wrote, directed and produced a 5 min film on 16 mm, ‘Trapped’
  • Shot and edited 15-minute documentary, ‘Arturo’s Legacy’
  • Editor on two 15 min 35mm Senior Thesis Projects ‘Black Deaf Irish Magic,’ and ‘Snowbirds’


Adobe Premiere Pro | Microsoft Office Suite | PowerPoint | Adobe Photoshop | Final Cut Pro | Da Vinci Resolve | Mac Caption | Digital Rapids | Avid Symphony | Slack | Smartsheet | Leankit | Kanban | VLC Media Player | Adobe After Effects

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