According to these ”The Walking Dead’ photos, we can surmise about three characters who may be safe and out of the running of the big “who got killed by Negan” question.

Source: Dead Faces: New ‘The Walking Dead’ Set Photos Potentially Spoil Characters Negan Did Not Kill


It seems that his lack of screen time in ‘Suicide Squad’ has not squashed Jared Leto’s rising star in Hollywood, as the talented actor has just been cast in the new ‘Blade Runner’ sequel coming up in 2017.

Source: Blade Running Joker: Jared Leto Just Joined The Phenomenal Cast Of ‘Blade Runner 2′

To promote ‘The Tick,’ Amazon has released two clips, which to me, seems pretty indicative of the quality and humor the show is bringing this time around, as well as some pretty cool fight scenes

Source: Tick Bait: Check Out 2 News Clips Released From Amazon’s ‘The Tick!’

As seems to be the case every year with ‘Arrow,’ the creative forces behind the show are confident that they are going to reinvent the greatness of the show, and bring it back to its epic roots this season. And while I continue to root for them to do just that year after year, I …

Source: Assembling Team Arrow: ‘Arrow’ Executive Producers Reveal Where The Main Characters Stand As Season 5 Begins

JK Rowling’s Pottermore has announced via Twitter that they are releasing three new eBook short stories taking place in the world of ‘Harry Potter,’ as part of the ‘Pottermore Presents’ series.

Source: Hogwarts And All: JK Rowling Announces 3 New ‘Pottermore Presents’ eBooks Coming In September!

As many fans of the Arrowverse are already aware, this season there are going to be some major cross-over events, events which will most likely bring the world of ‘Supergirl’ into realm of Earth-1, and hopefully result in some epic moments when all of the heroes of the four CW DC shows (‘Arrow,’ ‘The Flash,’ ‘Legends …

Source: Flash Dance: The Musical Crossover Of ‘The Flash’And ‘Supergirl’ Could Have Some Dancing

In what is probably one of the smartest decisions I have seen a DCEU production make, the producers of ‘Shazam’ are crafting their film, which will indeed take place in the DCEU, entirely without Zack Snyder’s involvement.

Source: Not A Sham: ‘Shazam’ Movie Will Take Place In DCEU; Zack Snyder Will NOT Be Involved