We are back with our latest episode of GUI: Gaming Under the Influence! This month we’re playing the cult classic CAPTAIN COMMANDO Arcade Game with returning players JASMINE and LUCAS, and continue the fun of surprise LANDMINE shots with a special brew of Hard Alcohol (which I fiendishly devised). Watch as the gang makes their way through the classic beat-em-up to save the world from SCUMOCIDE’s band of weird villains on an epic road trip across a dystopian future, full of terrible shots (referred to as PeePee shots by Lucas), pop-culture references, a ridiculous amount of spin attacks, an insane speed level, and a ludicrous verbal punishment at the end that left the guys dying of laugher. Check out all the insanity this week on GUI: Gaming Under the Influence!

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Addicted Media Reviews is back for WESTWORLD SEASON 2!! Come hang out with Carlo, first-time reviewer LUCAS and I as we discuss this week’s long-awaited installment, ‘Akane No Mai’ (which we’ve dubbed AKANE MATATA) and share our thoughts and theories! You have NO IDEA how excited Carlo is for this one!!

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Head on over to the ADDICTED MEDIA YouTube Channel to check out all of the best moments from our LIVE Review of last week’s ‘Westworld’ by watching the latest highlight video, entitled ‘Westworld Bears & Sphinxes.’ Edited once more into a solid 8 minute block by the talented Lucas Long, the episode is a great way to prep for tonight’s HIGHLY anticipated SHOGUN WORLD episode, and hear our crazy theories about the second season so far. Check it out by clicking the link below, and make sure to hit that subscribe and LIKE button, and comment if you have any questions or theories of your own!


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Dark Knight

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