Get Your Game Faces On! GUI Is Back With Episode 5: THE SCRUM COMMANDOS!

Posted: 05/22/2018 in GUI

We are back with our latest episode of GUI: Gaming Under the Influence! This month we’re playing the cult classic CAPTAIN COMMANDO Arcade Game with returning players JASMINE and LUCAS, and continue the fun of surprise LANDMINE shots with a special brew of Hard Alcohol (which I fiendishly devised). Watch as the gang makes their way through the classic beat-em-up to save the world from SCUMOCIDE’s band of weird villains on an epic road trip across a dystopian future, full of terrible shots (referred to as PeePee shots by Lucas), pop-culture references, a ridiculous amount of spin attacks, an insane speed level, and a ludicrous verbal punishment at the end that left the guys dying of laugher. Check out all the insanity this week on GUI: Gaming Under the Influence!

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