Lucy Lawless Hated Doing Action Scenes On Xena: Warrior Princess

Posted: 08/19/2021 in Screen Rant Articles


Lucy Lawless has revealed that she did not enjoy performing all the action scenes on Xena: Warrior Princess. The fact may seem odd to some fans who still consider the series and its star cult icons. Fortunately, Lawless, a consummate professional, still delivered the goods in all those Xena battle scenes despite her personal feelings.

The character of Xena began as a smaller part on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and was so well-received that the producers decided to spin her off into her own series. Xena:Warrior Princess ran from September of 1995 until June of 2001. The show was a fan-favorite for all 6 seasons, jumping up to cult status early in the first season. Lawless was chosen for the title role after 5 other actresses, including top pick Vanessa Angel, turned down the role.

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