Posted: 06/10/2011 in MOVIE REVIEWS

9 out of 10

Stupid hype built up way too many expectations that were impossible to meet, but still an excellent movie.

What kind of movie would you prefer? Action/adventure? Sci-fi/ horror? Family drama? Well, SUPER 8 delivers on all levels. Superb action scenes, any number of jump out of your seat scare moments, and enough emotional investment that you actually care whether the characters live or die at the end.

Casting wise, I was amazed at all of the performances, especially the two young leads, who really carried the story. Being a film nerd, I also really apppreciated all the Spielberg nostalgia the film evoked, as well as the numerous LOST easter eggs carefully hidden throughout the movie.  As with CLOVERFIELD, I was really impressed by the use of CGI in the movie, (which is to say, only when absolutely necessary), and what computer generated images we did see on screen seemed genuinely original and compelling.

Is it the best movie of the summer? Well, that’s to be determined, as I’m honestly not sure how many people are willing to give SUPER 8 a chance in this summer of just way too many movies that everyone wants to see. It’s only June and I’ve already written 3 8 out of 10 reviews. But if you like a good old-fashioned story with some intense action and real heart, SUPER 8 is definitely for you.

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