Posted: 06/13/2011 in MOVIE REVIEWS

6.5  out of 10

Nothing great about this movie, but definitely some serious laughs.

So over the weekend I went and saw the Hangover 2, despite the negatives reviews I’d already heard, thinking that if I went in with low expectations I might be pleasantly surprised. And the plan worked, kind of. Clearly its just a rehash of the 1st with a new location, and with a monkey instead of a baby. But what really surprised me was how, beat by beat, they ripped off every plot point of the original. I get that it worked once, but damn, show some creativity.

The saving grace of the movie however, were the actors, and the fact that the writers could still write some damn funny scenes for them. Every one of the 3 leads put in a great performance, and made the most of the thin script they were handed, especially Zach Galifianakis, who’s inane comments and childish demeanor really carried the movie.

In the end, still an entertaining movie, but I’m not sure it’s worth seeing it in theaters. Definitely a great one to rent later.

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