The Flash Season 7 Image Reveals Arrowverse’s Fuerza

Posted: 05/03/2021 in Screen Rant Articles
TV Line Reveals 1st Image Arrowverse Fuerza for FLASH S7


A new still image released by The Flash has revealed the human form of the Arrowverse’s Fuerza. Even though the villain appeared in the fourth episode of season 7, until this point, both Team Flash and the audience had only seen her in her Strength Force form. Now, the show will finally reveal who she is when she is not hulking around Central City.

So far the bulk of the story-line, or “Graphic Novel” for The Flash season 7 has been planting the seeds for the team to discover the mysterious new Forces that have shown up in Central City. Seemingly as powerful as the Speed Force itself, who they have already attacked and injured once, the new Forces include the Sage Force, Still Force, and the Strength Force. As for the abilities of each Force, Strength seems to be all about raw power, while the powers of Sage and Still are based on psychic and time-altering abilities respectively.

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